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My Grandmother's House was names for the most wonderful Grandmother in the world, Leona Jane Johnson. Widowed at a young age, Jane came to Mansfield from Kentucky in the early 1930's with her 7 children. She was a single mother long before the term was coined. She supported herself and her children by working as a nursing aide at the former TB Sanitarium. Through perseverance and determination she became a practical nurse and retired from the State of Ohio.

My memories of her are endless and all of them wonderful; baking cookies, having tea parties,telling her all of my problems and always being welcomed into her loving arms. I spent the night with her long after I had children of my own and the late night movies with hot chocolate and popcorn are treasured memories I will never forget.

It was from her I inherited my love of anything "old" The more distressed it was, the more desirable, we took it home, painted it, and made it beautiful.

My husband and I decided to open an Antique mall because we are avid "treasure hunters" and we hope that you will enjoy the treasures we find as much as we loved finding them.

The merchandise we sell will always be items of quality, but also affordability for everyone to be able to use and enjoy.

Have a Blessed Day

Richard and Sandra Pate